Rogue One – how I sneaked beneath the marketing radar.

As soon as I saw the teaser trailer for Rogue One, I knew I would be going to see it soon after its release. As an unashamed Star Wars nut since my childhood, I have always felt the excitement of the next release, no matter how Georged it has been.

Yet I somehow avoided the pre-launch hype for Rogue One. Not intentionally, I managed to miss the previews, trailers, interviews, spoilers and marketing before I took my seat in the cinema with the whole family on Christmas Eve, and incredibly, in the marketing-dominated world of big studio film consumption, none of us had any preconceptions beyond the original trailer. It was the first “pure” Star Wars experience I’d had since The Empire Strikes Back in 1980!

I can’t tell you how very wholesome it felt to watch a Star Wars film without any idea of the characters, plot or content. It was a pure experience in a very saturated film franchise; like meeting someone you have known all your life for the first time all over again.

The film will have been out for just a couple of weeks by the time you read this, so I won’t offer any spoilers – but I would urge anyone to try out the next instalment of a well-worn trilogy, be it Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel or Harry Potter from a blank perspective, devoid of any preconceptions or expectations; the feeling of discovery is a wonderful thing not to be missed.

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