Coming soon in early 2017: Voyager

Voyager's Gold Record
Voyager’s Gold Record (Nasa/JPL)

My new novel ‘Voyager’ will be released in early 2017. It crosses several genres, combining elements of science fact, science fiction, military/police thriller and fantasy.

What would happen if NASA’s elderly and far-distant probe Voyager 1 began sending anomalous signals back to Earth? Could it be a glitch? Could it be a hoax? What if it were real? How would our world powers react? Would humanity unite or simply fragment if its ancient extraterrestrial overlords were to return?

‘Voyager’ is a thrilling take on this earth-shattering eventuality, known only to a handful of ordinary people: Callie Woolf, a NASA project scientist; Matt Ramprakash, a British airline pilot with a shady past; and Brad Barnes, an experienced but conflicted FBI agent. Their involvement takes them on frantic investigations in L.A. and New York, faced by a mysterious but deadly foe, as this unprecedented new reality threatens to disrupt and irrevocably change the very existence of humanity on Earth.

‘Voyager’ will be available in print and e-book from February 2017. Updates and previews (for subscribers!) will be right here on my blog throughout January 2017!