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Carl Rackman

Hi! I'm Carl Rackman, a British former airline pilot turned author. I come from a naval military background and have held a lifelong interest in military history and seafaring.


I spent my working life travelling the world and this has given me a keen interest in other people and cultures. I've drawn on my many experiences for my writing.

I write suspense thrillers with a flair for evocative descriptions of locales and characters. I enjoy complex, absorbing storylines combined with rich, believable characters, so that's the sort of fiction I write. I try to create immersive worlds for the reader to explore, and characters who are more than just vehicles for the story.

I hope you'll enjoy my books and leave reviews. I try to personally thank reviewers if they've particularly enjoyed my books.

You can usually find me on Twitter - @CarlRackman - I love to link up with readers!

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