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Irex is Carl Rackman’s first novel. It is a richly drawn historical thriller set in the late 19th Century.

The narrative follows two strands. The first tells the unfolding events aboard the ill-fated sailing vessel Irex; the second follows the inquest into the ship’s tragic end. The stories overlap in successive chapters as the story unfolds, gradually revealing the unsettling events aboard the ship, where Captain Hutton struggles to contain the unfolding disaster that faces him.

Meanwhile, coroner Frederick Blake’s inquest quickly turns into an investigation as he realises that the events that led to the Irex’s loss are far from concluded. Racing against time, he must solve the mystery of the Irex before the sinister agents who are shadowing his inquiry close the door for good.

Irex combines elements of literary description, mystery and thriller, with plenty of twists, set pieces and shocks to captivate the reader; the rich, evocative late Victorian world will also immerse the imagination as much as the characters themselves.

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Voyager One. A tiny probe hurtling through the void of outer space more than twelve billion miles from Earth, it is the remotest human object in existence. Callie Woolf, Voyager Project Manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is stunned when the probe unexpectedly downloads a series of increasingly disturbing images. Within 24 hours, she is running for her life.

 Brad Barnes, a conflicted FBI agent assigned to the case, soon uncovers a deadly plot that could change the balance of power on Earth and bring the United States to its knees. He must fight for survival in a race against time to defeat the conspirators, and confront a potentially explosive reality: that mankind may not be alone in the universe.

Voyager is an action-packed conspiracy thriller by Carl Rackman.

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The North Atlantic, 1940. A British destroyer pounces on a seemingly abandoned U-boat, leading to a spine-chilling encounter.

Five years later, the US Navy destroyer Brownlee grimly prepares to battle a swarm of Japanese kamikazes at Okinawa.

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Mitch “Lucky” Kirkham, a young gunner on the Brownlee, wakes up miraculously unscathed after his crewmates are killed in a fearsome kamikaze strike.

Bullied and resented amid accusations of cowardice and worse, Mitch re-boards his patched-up ship for the long voyage back to San Francisco. All he wants is to go home.

But far out in the boundless emptiness of the Pacific, a strange madness begins to seize the sailors on the Brownlee. Terror, hysteria and suicide torment the men amid sightings of ghosts and a terrifying monster that stalks the ship by night.

Mitch stumbles upon a possible explanation for the madness. But as the ship presses on alone, deeper into the vast Pacific Ocean and the grip of insanity, will anyone listen to him before his famous luck runs out for good?

Jonah is the searing, psychological suspense thriller from Carl Rackman

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